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Design Centre

Our design team can create any mosaic motif of your choice. Maybe you would like your football team emblem on your wet room wall or your corporate logo on the base of your swimming pool. The possibilities really are endless.

We can also assist you in the coordination of colours and advise you on the best tile choices to complement a certain room or the fixtures and fittings in that room.

If you would like to know more about our design service then please email us explaining exactly what it is you are looking to achieve, or better still, attach a picture of your design if you have one.

True mosaic

The true method of mosaic is created using tiny colourful pieces of tiles that when put together form a beautiful work of art. The design service can create your perfect true mosaic to any specification.


Cut tile

The cut tile method of mosaic is created using full tiles that are cut and positioned into the exact shape of the chosen designs. This method of design is ideal for every situation.


Full tile

The full tile method of mosaic is created using the full uncut mosaics placed in set trays to your chosen designs.



Digital Print

One of our most contemporary methods of mosaic design production, Digital Print literally replicates any image to any scale.

Picking up the tiniest details, it is ideal for intricate designs in a small area or where photographic reproduction quality is required.

Our design team can use any high definition image you desire, be it a family member, favourite landscape or iconic image and reproduce it onto vitreous glass mosaic suitable for use in the pool, kitchen, bathroom or any internal or external wall application.

Please feel free to ask for a no obligation quote. You can email us your image or use our image uploader and we will get back to you with a very competitive quotation. Its as easy as 1..2..3!

Email your image now for a quote:

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